Terms & Conditions

Boyne Tannum HookUp 

1.  Registration Details 

Dates of Competition: Friday 4th May, Saturday 5th May and Sunday 6th May, 2018

Official Opening & Competition Start: 7:00am Friday 4th May 2018 


1.1 Entry Registration 

A maximum of 3,000 senior registrations and unlimited junior registrations are available at: 

1. The Boyne Tannum Hook Up website www.boynetannumhookup.com.au. Tickets are available online from December 2017.

2. Tickets are also available at Pat’s Tackle World Gladstone and Boyne Bait and Tackle.  


1.2 Entries Close

Registrations will close on Friday 3pm 4th May 2018 or if sold out. 


1.3 Entry Fees 

Senior Competitor $85.00 

Junior Competitor $40.00  


Junior Competitors must be under the age of 16 years up to and including the last day of the competition and not under the age of 3years at the commencement of the competition. 


1.4 Proof of Ticket 

To be eligible to win ANY prize you MUST produce a copy of the Electronic Ticket provided to all registered competitors on collection of any prizes. All registered competitors will be issued with an Electronic Ticket or a print out of an Electronic Ticket on receipt of their registration.  


1.5 Refunds

No refunds will be provided.  


1.6 Event Cancellations:

In the event that the Boyne Tannum HookUp is cancelled due to a force majeure, ticket purchases will not be refunded. However, prizes will still be drawn, with entrants to be notified of the location of the draw. 


Boyne Tannum HookUp Association Inc 

2. Rules and Conditions of Competition 2018 

The Boyne Tannum HookUp is a fishing competition which also includes random Promotional Draws for ticket holders attending the three nights of activities.  Upon paying the entry fee to the fishing competition the entrant is entitled to free entry to daily promotional prize draws.  The Boyne Tannum HookUp Association Inc’s Committee Management is responsible for the Boyne Tannum HookUp event. These rules and conditions of the competition may change from year to year. It is the responsibility of the competitor to review the rules and conditions each year. The Boyne Tannum HookUp Association will endeavour to inform participants of annual changes however hold no responsibility for individuals not knowing and understanding the rules.  


2.1 Eligibility to Enter the Competition

The general public including HookUp contractors, stall holders, volunteers, sponsors, past committee members and families of current committee members are eligible to enter the Boyne Tannum HookUp. The current sitting HookUp Committee Members are ineligible to enter the competition.  


2.2 Fish Categories 

The following 17 fish species are the only species eligible for weigh-in at the Boyne Tannum HookUp Fishing Competition:



2.3 Fish Weigh-ins

Each fish caught will be weighed in at the Official Daily Weigh-in tent at Bray Park Boyne Island. The daily weigh-in will be conducted Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10am to 11am and again at 2pm until 4pm (there is no weigh-in on Friday morning).  Fish weigh-in times are based on the time recorded by the calibrated weigh-in scales. Competitors must present their 2018 Electronic Ticket at weigh-ins (Refer 1.4), without their Electronic Ticket, competitors are not eligible to weigh-in fish. All fish must be weighed on the official scales provided by the organisers to be eligible. Fish presented at the weigh-in station must be taken on rod and reel or hand line only and must be of legal size. Fish must be gilled and gutted, (with the exception of live categories) and can be iced down but not frozen. Any such fish may be selected at the weigh-in for promotional purposes and may become the property of Boyne Tannum HookUp Association Incorporated and unfortunately cannot be returned to the competitor.   


2.4 Junior Competitors Fish Weigh-ins

Junior competitors must catch the fish and retrieve the fish to the boat or shore themselves. A parent can help lift the fish into the boat. Junior competitors must be able to hold the rod and retrieve the fish by themselves and be able to lift their fish at the weigh-in station to be eligible, inability to do so will be deemed that the junior competitor did not catch the fish and will not be allowed to weigh it in. 


2.5 Live Fish Categories

Live fish can be brought to the live fish weigh-in station at any time between the hours of 8am and 4pm on Friday and Saturday and 7am and 3.30pm on Sunday, however to qualify for the daily prizes, the fish must be weighed in no later than the daily cut off time on that day. The fish must remain alive for 30 minutes in the Official Hook Up recovery tank to qualify for official entry into the event.  

All other tagged fish presented at the live weigh-in station during the event will go into a draw for a non-monetary prize each day. These fish are to be presented under the live category rules. 


2.6 Three Tagged Fish

Three live Barramundi will be caught-tagged and released prior to the event in the Awoonga Dam, each having a prize value of $5,000 if caught. The Barramundi must be presented under the live category rules and the tag checked by the officials to claim the $5,000 prize money for that fish.  


2.7 Catch & Release

All Barramundi will be photographed and measured on a reputable Brag Mat to meet QLD legal size.  No homemade mats will be accepted. To ascertain that the Barramundi has been caught within the competition time, an official free of charge HookUp sticker can be collected from the merchandise marquee during the event. Two digital photos, one showing the whole fish, with the head at the start of the measure, the other zoomed in on the tail showing its length. Both photos must display the current free of charge HookUp sticker. 

In addition, the competitor may choose to purchase the current year, official Boyne Tannum HookUp Brag Mat (available for purchase at the merchandise marquee during the event) to measure and photograph the Barramundi.   

No other Brag Mats, other than the above 2 options will be accepted and at all times the Barramundi photograph must include the official free of charge HookUp sticker (whole fish, head and tail photos).   

The winner of the live Barramundi category will be selected at random, and may not be the longest fish.

If the winning Barramundi has been photographed on the current official Boyne Tannum HookUp purchased Brag Mat the prize money paid to the competitor will double (This excludes the Awoonga Dam tagged Barramundi category that has a fixed prize value of $5,000). 


2.8 Fish Categories-Final & Daily Payouts

At the conclusion of the daily weigh-in all Daily Fish Category Winners will be awarded the Daily Fish Category Payout for the heaviest fish recorded for that day. Competitors must present their Electronic Ticket at weigh-ins to be eligible.  

An additional 3 random prize draws to the value of $500 Yamaha Motor Insurance vouchers will be open to eligible personal water craft (PWC or Jetski) competitors.  These will be randomly drawn daily from the PWC entrants.  To be eligible for these PWC prizes the angler must have weighed-in a fish across the 3-days of the event in any of the 17 senior fish categories named above by presenting their Electronic Ticket in addition to a photo of themselves on their PWC holding the fish including their HookUp JETFISH sticker (available free of charge from the merchandise tent at the event) visible in the photo. 

An additional 3 random prize draws to the value of $100 each will be open to eligible human powered water craft (kayak, canoe, stand-up paddle board etc) competitors. These will be randomly drawn daily from the human powered water craft (HPWC) entrants. To be eligible for these HPWC prizes the angler must have weighed-in a fish across the 3-days of the event in any of the 17 junior or senior fish categories named above by presenting their Electronic Ticket in addition to a photo of themselves on their HPWC holding the fish including their HookUp BSL, QAL, Rio Tinto sticker (available free of charge from the merchandise tent at the event) visible in the photo. Each day a $100 cash prize for juniors and $100 cash prize for seniors will be drawn at random from all HPWC competitors who met the above criteria. At the end of the event the overall HPWC entrant will be drawn at random from all HPWC entrants and awarded a gift voucher to a local fishing tackle retailer.


2.9 Competition Boundaries 

Competition entrants may fish Queensland waters from boat, personal water craft, personal powered craft (kayak, canoe, stand-up paddle board etc) or land based. 


2.10 Eligibility to Enter the Team Competition 

After entering the competition as an individual entrant (as per above conditions of entry) the entrant is entitled to enter the competition as a member of a team in accordance with the following rules :




Team competition eligibility calculation 


How to submit Team Category Fish 



Team Competition Prizes

The winning teams are awarded prizes for the longest grand total combined length across the 3-day competition for the Live or Dead Team Competition Category.  One team can win one category only.   


2.11 Boat and Personal Water Craft (PWC) Competitors

All persons operating vessels must follow all current Queensland Department of Transport regulations. The Volunteer Marine Rescue Gladstone will operate a radio base to provide competitors the capability to log in their positions and estimated time of return. By doing this all boaties are entered for the nightly Boating Safety Awards. 


2.12 Competition Finish

Anyone not in the queue at the final weigh-in with a dead fish to be weighed at 4pm, or a live fish at 3.30pm Sunday, 6th May 2018 will be deemed ineligible to “weigh-in” and therefore outside the Official Finish Time.  Competitors must present an Official 2018 Electronic Ticket at weigh-ins.  


2.13 Trophies

 Prizes and Fish Category presentations will be at the weigh-in station after the weigh-ins, each afternoon. Daily prizes not collected by 9.00pm Sunday night will be posted out to the winners as soon as manageable. No more than one trophy will be awarded in respect of any one fish category caught. If a fish category weigh is a tie, the prize will be awarded to the first recorded entrant. The maximum daily Fish Category wins per competitor is one per day and one final Category win for the Fish Category Trophy. If the competitor is leading in two separate categories, the competitor will be awarded on the first fish weighed in. There will be a Junior & Senior boat drawn on the last night for all weigh-ins regardless of biggest fish weighed in.  


2.14 Promotional Draws

 On each Prize Draw the entrant possessing the number announced must present themselves to the announcer with their 2018 Electronic Ticket within two minutes of that prize being announced. All major prize winners will also require formal identification upon presenting themselves to the announcer. All major junior prize winners will be accompanied by a parent or carer with formal identification to confirm winner’s identification. Once a prize has been claimed or a redraw announced that number will be returned to the barrel and another draw will occur immediately.

NOTE: All prize draw winners for the Promotional Draws must present themselves to claim their prize within 2 minutes of their name being announced. 


2.15 Falsification

 Any evidence of falsification such as:




2.16 Raffles 

A number of raffles will be on sale prior and at the Hook Up event. The closing date for raffle purchases will be the Sunday 6th May, 2018, with the raffles to be drawn on the Sunday 6th May, 2018. The most expensive prize raffle will be drawn first. After each raffle is drawn, the winning ticket will be put back into the draw for all remaining raffles. 


2.17 Management Committee 

The HookUp Management Committee reserves the right of absolute disqualification in the event of specified breaches of rules occurring, including sample testing by the Queensland Fish Management Authority. Management decision is final and the Boyne Tannum HookUp Association Incorporated retains the right to withhold any cash prizes or trophies pending investigation.  


2.18 The Competitor

Under the condition that the Boyne Tannum HookUp is an amateur competition, the Competitors shall comply with:




2.19 Disputes 

In the event of any dispute or any differing interpretation of the rules and conditions of the Boyne Tannum HookUp competition, the competitor may write to the Boyne Tannum HookUp stating their dispute. The Boyne Tannum HookUp Management Committee will hear the dispute after the competition is completed providing the disputing competitor a fair hearing. The disputing competitor will be advised in writing of the outcome of the Management Committee regarding the dispute. The management committee decision is final.